Golfing in Jammu & Kashmir is one of the high point for tourists seeking leisure in the lap of nature. This is the place where golf lovers can enjoy the game throughout the summer from the months of April to November.

Golfing in Jammu & Kashmir is one of the high point for tourists seeking leisure in the lap of nature. This is the place where golf lovers can enjoy the game throughout the summer from the months of April to November. The valley offers an outstanding opportunity to play golf for long hours in the refreshing golf courses of Srinagar, Gulmarg, Pahalgam and Sanasar.

Playing golf in Jammu &Kashmir can be more relaxing and enjoyable experience as compared to the golfing in plains because of its moderately lower temperature. With every shot, the player watching the ball’s trajectory gets a totally different view unmatched yet. The views encourage all players to excel and impress others.

Enjoy Golf the Whole Day

Temperatures in Jammu seldom rise above 40 degrees, even in so called extreme summers across India. Thanks to the climate, tourists can play golf till they drop. The cool climate, lush green grass, exotic wild flowers exceeding 16 varieties, the small ponds with crystal clear water is an experience of your lifetime.

Small Golf Courses for Families and Beginners alike

Though all tourists are newcomers many like to try first. Missing the hit a few times is not unseen. The 3 and 6 learning hole practice turfs ensure no one laughs at your mistimed strokes. Even ladies & teenagers like to indulge making it a family outing. 1.Sidhra Golf Course Jammu is 10 km from the airport, 12 km from Railway Station and 8 km from city center.

Jammu golf course

The newly constructed 18-hole championship golf course provides not only with spectacular views but challenges the professionals too. It has a couple of really long par 4 holes often ruining many golfers’ scorecards.

Sansar in Jammu and Kashmir is one of the most interesting spot where you can bag the opportunity of witnessing beauty in its crude form, with the means of para gliding. Proper training camps for para gliding have been set up in Jammu and Sansar. Adventure clubs in Sansar and Batote,which is 125 km away from Jammu, are the main areas which facilitates para gliding. Equipments requisite for para gliding are easily accessible at the tourist office in Jammu, as well at the local agencies in Jammu and Sansar.

Cricket In Jammu

The region of Jammu has been an active part of the Jammu and Kashmir cricket association and has contributed many cricketers to the association. Maulana Azad Stadium is one of the famous stadiums and has all the capabilities of hosting an International level cricket match. The Maulana Azad Stadium is located in Nawabad Jammu. There are also other places of cricketing importance, like the Mini Stadium Parade located in Pakki Dhaki, Old Heritage City Sedhar, Jammu and Pade Ground located in Parade Rd, Pakki Dhaki, Old Heritage City Jammu.

Pool and Snooker in Jammu

One of the latest sporting trends is the advent of pool and snooker into the lifestyle of the locals of Jammu. They do enjoy this game as a weekend getaway or as a stress buster. One of the popular places which provide the locals with the pleasure of this game is the Snooker Club named Royal Pool N Snooker located in Trikuta Nagar Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir 180012?.

Adventure Sports in Jammu

One of the major attractions for the tourists are the adventure sports which are available in various options and in abundance in the region of Jammu. Some of the adventure sports available in Jammu are as follows:

Trekking in Jammu

One of the major attractions for the tourists are the soft trekking options that are available in the region of Jammu. Trekking routes are open all year round both during the summers and the winters, however, in summer all the routes are open in totality. One of the other advantages of this area is it offers brilliant locales and sites for camping. The state government has also taken measures by directing the Tourism Department to set up shops in Jammu and Kud from where one can hire local and imported trekking equipments on a minimal rental basis. Some of the equipments that are available range from windcheaters, sleeping bags, 4-man tents, 2-man tents, carry mat, jackets, rucksack and trekking boots.

Skiing in Jammu

Another major attractive adventure sport is the Skiing. One would have watched enough of skiing in James Bond movies as well the local Bollywood ones. One can get a similar kind of experience in the vicinity areas of Jammu namely in Patnitop. There are Ski courses conducted at Patnitop during the winter months every year. Beginners can easily master the art of skiing in the mildly graded slopes of Patnitop. Another spot with superb Paragliding viability is the Madha Top, which is situated at a distance of about 5 to 6 kms from Patnitop on the Sanasar Road. The operations of the new ski lift on Madha Top will provide promising skiing experience to both beginners as well as trained skiers in a proficient manner. In order to provide adequate safety and security measures the beginners and people who want help regarding their skiing skills, the Department of Tourism has provided facilities of availing ski instructors. In order to provide a convenient experience to adventure sports and skiing lovers the accommodation places are also strategically place in Patnitop and Kud.

Aero-Sports in Jammu

One of the very recent additions to the list of adventure sports is the name of Paragliding. It is one of the favourite attractions at Sanasar, which is close to the Doda district in the vicinity of Jammu. There is a provision to hire the equipments for Paragliding from the tourist office in Jammu city. Also, to assists the tourist the state government has taken the necessary measures and has set up many training camps for Para gliding which provide the much needed training, practice and security measures required to undertake the sport. The peak season for paragliding in Sanasar is from May to June and September to October. There is also a resort which is at a distance of 19 kilometres from Patnitop and a well connected road that connects both the spots. It is also convenient to reach Sanasar by bus or taxi from Jammu, via Kud and Patnitop. Other attractions for adventure sports lovers are hot air ballooning. Therefore, Jammu serves as a paradise for adventure lovers.