Jeep Safari In Ladakh

Ladakh is perfect objective for experiencing real Jeep safari. Once you do this, it’s almost certain that you will go through the highest motorable road in the world.

Ladakh is perfect objective for experiencing real Jeep safari. Once you do this, it’s almost certain that you will go through the highest motorable road in the world Called K-top 5600m on the way to Nubra Valley, not only that but you will also drive across Changla 5360m on the way to Pangong & Taklangla 5328m on the way to Tsomoriri & Manali.

Beside these, it’s always going to be a different experience driving through the high altitude deserts and wetlands of Kadakh through rugged terrains, sculpted canyons, fantastic rock formations, medieval villages, Buddhist gompas and snow-capped Mountains. Also there is always an opportunity of spotting rare species of wild animals.

The Jeep Safari tour is the fastest, most comfortable and unique as it cover the most visited areas in one single Itinerary. Every day presents an opportunity to visit new and exciting places in the land of barren wildeness and interact with culturally diverse people.the roads are not so good and provide a rough driving experience and wonderful landscape. The jeep safari through Ladakh is an excellent way to explore the remote region and it is one of the popular adventure activities. The desolate mountains of this high altitude desert and deep ravines reveal the natural beauty of Ladakh

From Delhi Start journey by car or by air-condition Volvo Bus to manali, if you travel during the day you can see many busy cities of India. Drive from Manali to Leh via Rothang pass, Kylang a small city, lush green valley and mountains of Himalayas after quickly changing landscape after crossing Paralacha la pass intering in the ladakh range drive over westran Tibetan high plateau and high pass to cross, Lachulung la 5050m Taklang la 5350m, after very nice road to Leh.

Another option to reach Leh and same tine visit Tsokar salt Lake, visit wild life Nomad cams to Tsomoriri wonderful lake send copal of days to explore Nomad camps see Yaks Pashmina goats, After drive to Leh.

Surrounding Leh many pleases to explore by car Like Nubra valley Pangung Lake, drive Leh to Srinagar in rout visit many monastery and village, Aryan Dha- Hanu valley to Kargil over crossing Zojila changing the landscape.

Another one weeks ladakh jeep safari tour to explore Zanskar valley midel of great Himalayan mountain, deferent landscape and people, and many ancient Buddhist monastery and caves.

Nubra Valley Jeep Safari

The Nubra means "Ldumra" (the valley of flowers). It is situated in the north of Ladakh region. The overland route to Nubra passes through world highest motorable road, Khardong la pass (18,380 ft). The villages look pretty with greenery, willow and poplar tress. Till partition Nubra valley was one of the trade center on the ancient famous silk route. The Bectarian Camels (shaggy double hump Camel) can be seen around sand dune, between Deskit and Hunder village, which was used on ancient Silk route. There are monasteries of Deskit and Samstaling to visit. Travelers are required to obtain permit to visit Nubra valley.

Tsomoriri and Tsokar Jeep Safari:

Suitable rafting trip for families and kids. There are no major rapids and is more like a nice peaceful route with beautiful view of the mountains. Tsomoriri Lake is a beautiful mountain bounded expanse of water, around 240 kms from Leh in Rupsho valley. It extents 15 miles in length and 3 to 5 miles width, at a height of 14,000 ft. On the southwest bank of the Lake is Korzok village inhabited by friendly nomadic people and around 135 years old monastery, which was founded between 1851-1861 by Lama Kunga Lodos Snyingbo. The Changpa nomadic people are most outstanding feature of the Lake who can be seen moving from one place to another grazing with herds of goats and Yaks. Tsokar Lake, Tsokar means salt lake, which is around 154 kms. from Leh and 76 kms. from Tsomoriri. The small Gonpa at Thukje village is a branch of Korzok monastery.

Pangong Lake Jeep Safari

Pangong is 40 miles in length and nearly 2-4 miles in width and 13,930 ft. above the sea level. What strikes the eye in coming first in view of this lake is the lovely color of its water, especially towards evening, which is of the richest deep blue, over the whole expanse, at morning time, it is of a lighter a very brilliant color. Pangong Tso trip can be organised in two days and overnight stay at Tangtse. Travellers are not allowed to pitch their tents near the Lake and only allowed to go up to Spangmik due to security reason. As 75% of the Lake is in China and only 25% is in India. The landscape on the way to Pangong is spectacular.

Jeep Safari to Zanskar

Zanskar is most isolated region of Ladakh around 480 kms from Leh and 250 kms from Kargil. Zanskar is reached after a day drive to Kargil and second day from Kargil to Padum. The route from Kargil to Padum is the only motorable road to reach Zanskar valley, which remains open from June to September. Approaching Padum through this route, one travel south, along the Suru River, which flows down from Penzila Pass through Suru valley and Zanskar. The Suru valley is one of the most beautiful regions of Ladakh and is inhabited by people of the Balti origin. Muslim communities inhabit the valley, but in the past, the valley was populated by Buddhist. There are few rocks curving of Maitriya Buddha, at Kartse Khar and Padmapani Avaloketeshvara at Byama Khambu. Sanku is the largest village surrounded by colorful Rocky Mountains and flowers in summer. It has a small Bazaar dotted with shops and restaurants. The next major village is Panikhar, under the shadows of Nun Kun Massif. The photographic view of Nun Kun can be enjoyed from the village Thangbu, about 12 Kms. short of Panikhar. Leaving Panikhar and arrive Parkachik, through the ascent along the Suru River, one reaches the first little Buddhist village called Zuldo. Next comes the Rangdum monastery, which is situated on a rock hill in the middle of the valley. Around hours journey from here is Penzila from where one can view the Zanskar valley and Drang Drung Glacier beside the Penzila. There are many small villages between Aksho to Padum i.e. Hamuling, Phay and Dungri. The valley is covered with blanket of green patches. The road leads to the left bank of Doda chu. At Dungri it crosses the Doda chu. The road truns to the south and leads to Padum. On the way one passes the Suny monastery, with the Kanika Chorten and then Padum after 6 Kms. Padum, Once the Capital of the Zanskar valley, today it is the administrative headquarter of the region and probably the most populous settlement of the Valley. There are many monastery to visit in Zanskar i.e Suny, Stongdey, Zongkhul, Karsha and Phuktal monasteries. This Jeep tour can be organised for 1-2 weeks starting from Leh.River Indus flows across high altitude cold deserts mountains of Ladakh in Indian Himalaya, which offers fascinating day rafting near to Leh and three four days trip can also be organized in the Indus Valley of Ladakh, starting from Upshi to Nimoo passing through villages, monasteries and gorges of Phey and Nimoo. .