Nubra Valley Known as Ldumra (the valley of flowers) is situated in the north of Leh. The average altitude of the valley is about 10,000 ft. above the sea level. The main attraction in this area is the Bactarian Camels (Shaggy double hump Camel) around sand dunes, Deskit and Samstanling monasteries. This Tour can be organized for 3 days 2 nights stay.

Nubra Valley lies about 150 km north of Leh where the rivers, Shyok and Siachan, meet form a large valley. This valley separates the Ladakh from the Karakoram Ranges and the famous Siachen Glacier lies to the north of the valley.

To the northwest of Nubra valley, lies The Sasser Pass and the famous Karakoram Pass of the 'Silk Route' fame which connect Nubra with Xinjiang. Panamik village is the last settlement in the northern end of in Nubra valley is open to tourists. Nubra valley has a lot to offer and is as a must do for everyone who travels to Leh It has been identified as a tourist circuit by the local administration of Leh district.

The major attraction of a trip to Nubra Valley is going over the so called or hyped, highest motorable road, Khardung La Pass Being at lower altitude than Leh at an average altitude of 10000 Feet or 3048 Mtrs, Nubra Valley is an ideal place to fit into the acclimatization schedule of your Ladakh trip once you reach Leh. Climbing to very high altitude of Khardung La from Leh and then sleeping at low altitude of Nubra Valley DOES HELP tremendously in acclimatization. Thus, apart from the magnificent vistas on offer, Nubra Valley has a hidden advantage with respect to acclimatization as well which will eventually help your trip be more successful. No wonder, if you are missing on this part of Ladakh on your trip, you are almost missing out on the heart of the Ladakh trip.

Best Time to Visit
The unearthly beauty of Nubra Valley is best explored in the season in the months of July to September. The pleasant autumn season lets you enjoy the beautiful sight of the unexploited paradise. The heavenly region of Ladakh experiences extremely cold climate throughout the year. Summers here are the slightly less cold months of the year. Winters are extremely harsh with unbearable conditions. Nubra valley enjoys pleasant summers from March to May. Winters envelop from November to February when temperatures drops as low as -4°C. No matter which month you choose visit, the climate is pleasant. Temperatures are low and woolens are a must. Nights make the coldest time of the day as temperatures dip drastically.

Located at a distance of about 150 kms from Leh, Panamik hamlet is the final frontier village of India .
Yarab Tso Lake
Yarab Tso Lake is considered to be holy and is also often referred to as hidden lake.

Diskit Monastery
Diskit in Ladakh region of J&K is famous for its 14th century monastery, the largest and oldest monastery in Nubra valley.

Maitreya Buddha
Countless eons ago, having made many offerings, Maitreya took bodhisattva vows from the Tathagata Great Power.

Samstanling Monastery
Founded by Lama Tsultim Nima around 140 years back, the Samstanling Monastery is located in the Sumlur village.

Camel Safari in Hunder Sand Dunes
North of Leh, the Nubra Valley,the highest deserts in the world where many are lured to experience the Camel Safari.

Khardung la Pass
Khardung La is a high mountain pass located in Ladakh region of the Indian state of J&K.